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16 2016-08

Laser paper and laser film what is the difference

Laser film materials mainly BOPP\PET\PVC;laser film can be divided into: transparent laser film, laser film, aluminumaluminum laser transfer film, laser transfer film, dielectric medium film,laser pre ......

16 2016-08

The main factors affecting the film effect

On the primary table now hone filmthickness, the aluminum layer fastness and aluminized layer of status. It isused for optical perspective style conversion aluminized layer thickness isalso a kind of  ......

16 2016-08

The advantages and applications of aluminized polyester industry

Polyester film English, referred to asVMPET, aluminized polyester film is usually used as a barrier layer of flexiblepackaging composite film products, it can be used for shading, oxygenresistance, wa ......

16 2016-08

The characteristics of the original film and film use

The characteristics of film original film:film original film with aluminum layer with better adhesion, strong tensilemild, good gloss, excellent oxygen permeability, moisture barrier properties.Use th ......

16 2016-08

Several drug anti-counterfeiting technology laser film

At present, the selection of specialmaterials in drug packaging anti-counterfeiting is more common, such as antifake paper and anti fake packaging materials, etc.. Lijunsha drug, YunnanBaiyao, Buchang ......