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Several drug anti-counterfeiting technology laser film
Class:News Date:2016-8-16 9:27:59

At present, the selection of special materials in drug packaging anti-counterfeiting is more common, such as anti fake paper and anti fake packaging materials, etc.. Lijunsha drug, Yunnan Baiyao, Buchangnaoxintong capsule, Ouyi (Cefadroxil Tablets) and other instructions using special paper with watermark, Mailuoning injection and using chemical watermark paper. In addition, there are fibers, ribbons and other embedded paper as a security. The blue packaging bottle and the plastic cover of the calcium glucose acid calcium oral liquid are made of packaging materials. Yan Di packing box with multilayer dyed paper recognition, a multi-layer stain proof paper made, any part of his box, were found in two layers of colored paper core, such as cast, the two colors are fake. Loquat cough granule packaging box of yellow for the special hot stamping process, rub the stick in the hand.

Laser anti-counterfeit film

Laser film is a new holographic anti-counterfeiting packaging material, the laser film and paper composite, do laser anti-counterfeit printing in laser film, laser film by carton + + printing process to produce laser anti-counterfeit packaging box, not only keep the original packaging printing features, but also can realize Flash laser anti-counterfeit effect. Laser effect has bright color, clear, clear image characteristics, unique technology, difficult to imitate, not only has the anti-counterfeiting function, and make the packaging beautiful, improve product image. Such as the Golden Rooster capsule, Guilin Sanjin pharmaceutical production of "Sanjin tablets" on the outer packing box of the laser film, from different angles can watch the show "Sanjin tablets", company logo two different words and images.

Laser fire code anti fake

Laser radiation code anti-counterfeiting technology is the use of the world's advanced anti-counterfeiting technology and equipment, in the box set the specific location of the security flag or a specific digital. Its characteristic is the pattern or the code clear, touch no punch, and the ink is not easy to erase. Sidashu capsule packaging production date, expiry date, batch number and serial number of products using laser code, serial number does not repeat.

Local precision positioning metal block anti fake

The local precise positioning of metal block technology is laser imaging, special plate, precision electroforming, high precision, fine chemical peeling and other advanced technology organic combination of different disciplines, metal material, laser film price and then use the gravure printing machine with high precision synchronous composite equipment, printed in anti-counterfeit labels at the same time, by walking and positioning the effect of precision in the specific location logo, through a special process, accurately reflect the metal pattern. At the same time in the local metal, with multicolor overprint, the anti-counterfeiting technology and printing technology are merged into an organic whole. On the one hand they embraced each other, so that the anti fake mark apparent even more beautiful, improve the decoration effect, more importantly, more precise overprint and local color of the metal, the metal local accurate positioning, clear clear, greatly increased the difficulty of imitation, improve the anti-counterfeiting effect.