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The characteristics of the original film and film use
Class:News Date:2016-8-16 9:29:23

The characteristics of film original film: film original film with aluminum layer with better adhesion, strong tensile mild, good gloss, excellent oxygen permeability, moisture barrier properties.

Use the original film: the film is widely used in food packaging, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging industry. Warm insulation, reflective, building materials and other new industries is widely used in the original film film.

The original film film product is mainly applicable to: electronics, printing, packaging, film switch, film, printing film, window film, stickers, make-up bottom paper, coated with silicone, gasket, motor, cable belt, instrument panel, furniture, supporting film, backlight diffusion, flexible printed circuit board, film switch, Ming,, printing, card material, label printing, film, cast film, film plate, anti ultraviolet radiation, protection film for window, inkjet printing and decoration, back light reflective and shading film, liquid crystal display, LCD, LED, DVD screen protection, advertising light boxes, lamp cover, waterproof material. Building materials signs. Plywood, cabinets, etc..