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Laser paper and laser film what is the difference
Class:News Date:2016-8-16 9:36:22

Laser film materials mainly BOPP\PET\PVC; laser film can be divided into: transparent laser film, laser film, aluminum aluminum laser transfer film, laser transfer film, dielectric medium film, laser pre coating etc..

A laser paper mainly has three ways:

1, directly to the laser film with composite made of paper, laser paper;

2, through the transfer of the laser pattern onto the paper;

3, a special laser paper, can be directly to the laser pattern imprint in this paper, laser paper is expensive in general.

Production company for laser film complex. It is used in vacuum aluminizing method. The evaporator is heated to 1400 DEG C to - 1500, continuous aluminum wire into aluminum cold steam evaporator on the membrane due to the static adsorption capacity, the adsorption of molecules on the surface of aluminum film, after cooling to aluminum deposition, spray evenly plated aluminum film is formed on the surface of continuous roll of film, and then after laser engraving laser version of the package on the roller, pressing at a temperature of 130 DEG C after the formation of laser film. A version of the package on the roller, can not be completely seamless, so in the laser film left on the 0.5mm-2mm slot.

Laser film use: used for embossing aluminum, making trademarks, gifts, flowers, food, decorations and other packaging.

Main features:

Membrane pressure processing conditions are easy to control

Good vapor deposition

Good heat resistance

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